Tutorial part 5 - Transport and Trade

The Transport Ship: Now you have yourself a matching hemp island. What we need is stone and wood. When your island has wood and stone in your first sector use it and take your time otherwise we are going to build a transport ship (You will need it anyway!). Build again 5 ship planks and 5 sail clothes and get in the meantime the “Mate” from the shop tavern. After you have built the ship, set it in the water and you are ready to make your first transport route.

The Transport Route: Let your ship set sail by giving it a transport mission: Select the ship then click on transport and the island overview tab 3 opens (1), you can also go directly into the island overview tab 3 and click on “+”(2). Here you can set your transport route in 6 steps:

For your information we proceed on the assumption that we have no stones on the colonised hemp island in sector 1 and we have to transport it there!

  • Choose your start island, in this case: Newport (3). Click “Next”.
  • Choose your destination island, in this case: your hemp island (4). Click “Next”.
  • You will see an overview of your available ships. Select a transport ship and click "Next".
  • The following tab contains the goods that are stored in your warehouse of the start island. We will transport stones this time, so choose stones and shift the “cargo box” from left to right (min to max; you can also write down the number you want to transport) that you have 40 stones to transport. Click “Next”.
  • Next part would be the destination island, but since we use the full cargo we can’t take goods back. Click “Next”.
  • Last part is the summary. Here you can give it a route name and can click “Continuous” when you want to let your ship do the route forever (6). Click on “Finish” and your ship sets sail for the first time to deliver goods between your islands.

Please note: The maximal transport cargo is for the full round trip. Meaning is, the cargo will be set as the maximum for the full route. Your first transport ship has a capacity of 40t. Like stated before we take 40t stones, so we can’t take goods back otherwise it would exceed the maximum cargo limit. Same goes vice versa. On the other side we can take 30t stones with us and return with 10t linen garments, it would not exceed the maximum capacity of 40t.

Additional Merchants: You have learned now how to set a transport route and to transport goods in both directions. Now you will set up your hemp production chains (min. 3 chains) and let your ship take linen garments with a continuous transport route back to Newport. Your vassals will consume the linen garments and with no further missing parts you let them ascend to merchants. At least 10 merchant houses and a population of 250 merchants are needed for the next city level, as well to unlock the trade system!

Trade System: There is a passive (selling) and active (buying with a trade ship) trade section, you need for it:

a) At least 250 merchants on one island. This is only needed one time to unlock the required city level buildings.
b) An empty pier
c) A trade storehouse on an empty pier (b)
d) Purchase a "Merchant" from the shop tavern (active trading only)
e) Build a trade ship (active trading only)

The pier and trade storehouse can be found in-game in the Construction Menu under the section Infrastructure. Those buildings can only be placed near the harbourmaster’s office. You will be able to achieve more than one trade storehouse and which advantages and disadvantages this brings along, will be explained later on.

Build a trade ship, let it out of the inventory and you can view it near the lighthouse.

Additional Information: A trade ship can be used to transport goods like a transport ship, but it will take longer!

Let’s go. Your first trade waits to be done and for this select the harbourmaster’s office. Right down the harbourmaster’s office display window will open and you will find a warehouse symbol there, that’s your trade storehouse. More warehouse symbols will be there, the more trade storehouses you have. Select it and the options "Buy" and "Sell" will pop up.

Buying Goods:

  • Select a good and all offers will be listed there. (Quantity, Price per Unit, Vendor)
  • Pick a seller with his/her offer.
  • Select your trade ship.
  • Choose your requested quantity.
  • Click on Finish.

Selling Goods:

  • Choose your good you want to sell.
  • Choose the exact amount you want to sell.
  • Pick your price per unit.
  • Click on Finish.
Handel Kauf

Please note the following points and tips for trading:

  • Buy goods from another player and your selected trade ship will set sail to fetch them (1). When your ship can’t cover the capacity up in one round trip, it will set sail more times until all goods are collected. How long a trade needs before it is finished depends solely on how often the trade ship has to set sail.
  • When you are selling goods, you have to wait until someone takes your offer (3). The buyer will collect the goods from time to time and your trade storehouse will be blocked until the trade is finished. This will also happen when you buy goods.
  • A trade slot can only be used again once the previous trade is complete. This is valid for both sides: buying and selling goods.
  • Cancel your offer for sale, then the goods will return into your warehouse as long as there is space. Whenever you have surplus goods, they will block your trade storehouse until you make space. If you don’t want to wait or don’t need the goods just click on “Drop Goods” and the surplus goods will disappear and you can use the trade storehouse again.
  • If the warehouse is overfilled with bought goods, the trade storehouse will remain blocked until you have consumed enough to drop below the maximal warehouse capacity (2).
  • For every trade storehouse you should have a trade ship.
  • In case of you selling things and you have a trade ship over; you can give a trade ship the task to transport goods between islands.
  • Each trade storehouse will expand your trading possibility. On the other side the more piers and trade storehouses you have, the harder it will get to build other harbour buildings there.
  • Consider well before you choose a selling or buying price. As assistance we have an overview for you over the Production Costs.
Handel1 Handel2 Handel3

Final remarks: Your main priority lies now on ascension. Ascend merchants until you reach 3000 of them. Fulfill all needs including the new merchant needs and get ready for ascension to imperials. The next target will be 4000 imperials/noblemen and you can take a look for the steps that lie in between at our Timeline. Lots of new unlocked buildings, islands and different fertilities will await you in reaching your target. Within time you will find large islands and you will start to replace your small ones against large ones. Don’t think you only need a few ships later on. Build an armada of middle and large ships for transportation, trading and treasure hunting and equip them well.

There’s still a lot to be done and don’t forget to grasp at an opportunity to ask in the forum and in the global/help chat. We have as well many useful tips and tools for you here on Ultrafine. We also hope that this 5 part tutorial was a great help and it will bring you closer to your future aspiration. We would appreciate if you give us your feedback about the tutorial in the forum. May you do well and enjoy Anno Online as well as our Ultrafine page.

May the winds guide you safely across the ocean to new and wonderful islands.

Your Ultrafine Team

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