Tutorial part 4 - Discovery and Colonisation

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1500 Vassals: At 1500 vassals your inhabitants demand linen garments. As you miss the hemp fertility on Newport you have to find a new island. When you want to reach further without waiting, buy linen garments from the shop for coins to reach your first merchant. The benefit from this will be that you have unlocked your first merchant class buildings.

Also with 1500 Vassal you can upgrade your harbourmaster’s office to level 2 and the distribution houses to the same level. Therefore you get one more cart and with the harbourmaster’s office you will acquire an empty pier, where you set your first dock at!

Advice: Distribution houses upgrades are only secondary and in the beginning of the game not really needed. When you have space problems later on and one distribution house can’t cover it, look if you can get a second one around it, otherwise upgrade it. Beware the costs to upgrade are high, therefore the benefit is, the upkeep costs stay the same at all levels.

Island Discovery:
Since we have to produce linen garments now, we should look out for a hemp island and we will need a discovery ship for this. At this time we already have a naval engineer and a shipyard and have to produce again 5 ship planks and 5 sail clothes. In the meantime we buy the sailor from the shop and going to build with this a discovery ship. When the discovery ship is built, it goes into the inventory and you will take it out. It will be located at the lighthouse like the treasure hunter ship before.

Near the lighthouse click on the discovery ship and its own menu opens up. You are able to add one item to your first small discovery ship. This ship has only one choice of item to cover up, a sail. Should your treasure hunter already found a sail, you can use it before sending the discovery ship out, otherwise click directly on discover. A little tab opens to pay the costs of the expedition. In our case 400 coins and 50 fish. A capable sailor will demand coins and bread and an experienced sailor wants coins and beer. After paying the costs the ship sets sail and always returns with a different island.

An expedition with a sailor will take 2 hours, with a capable sailor 6 hours and with an experienced sailor 12 hours.

The Slots on the ships are used for cargoes and sails. Cargoes give transport or trade ships a greater capacity and sails can shorten the time a sailor needs to discover an island. Cargoes and Sails can’t be taken from a ship once you set them in the slot.

Island Colonisation:
After you have found an island, it will be displayed in the island overview in the left index part (3). In the second tab of the island overview (Lore symbol, right index part) you will see the resources that an island can have (click the island to see it). When you don’t like the fertility and the resources, let the sailor set sail again to find a better one. When you like it, click on the discovered island's colonise button and a tab opens to pay up the costs to colonise it. Afterwards a timer ticks down. A small island needs 6 hours to be colonised, a medium one 12 hours and a large 24 hours. When the colonisation is done, you can double click on the island to switch islands or click once and select under the islands the button “Go to”.

General remarks:
You can find 3 different island sizes: Small, Middle and Large, with the 6 possible fertilities: Apple, Wheat, Hemp, Herb, Bee wax and Wine. In addition you can find 8 different deposits: Stone, Iron ore, Brine, Fur, Coal, Copper ore, Quartz and Gold ore. The Sailors can’t find everything, for this look at this Sailor chart. Names, island shapes, island sizes and deposits will be generated randomly. Under Island Statistic you can find a calculation of probability of the discoveries.

Further Goals:
On your new colonised island you can build up a hemp production chain to produce linen garments. A hemp production chain consists of 3 hemp plantations and 1 weaver’s hut. For this you will have to transport goods (wood and stones) to your hemp island. You will need a dock and a transport ship for this. As well you get to know how to trade with other players when you reach 250 merchants. Further details you will find in chapter 5 of our tutorial series: Transport and Trade.

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