Tutorial part 3 - The Ship Construction

A New Era: Do you already have your 900 vassals? Ok, let’s start that new era, since you have unlocked the island overview and new buildings. The construction of ships is now possible and treasure hunting can be done. Your treasure hunter can bring you coins, goods and items, which include certain shop items with the lucky treasure hunter!

New Menu and Buildings:
Right down in the menu the island overview (island/palm tree symbol) is finally accessible. At 1500 vassals the ship construction will be a major crucial factor of the whole game play! You will find everything you will need, when it comes to ships, islands. routes, ship timer, resources and inhabitants, in the island overview. As this is a major tool you will click it now and take a closer look at it. In the left index part “Discovered” you will find later on the new found islands (tutorial part 4). At 900 vassals we still have no unlocked island slot; the first one will be accessible at 1500 vassals. Furthermore you can unlock exactly 4 slots for free and the other slots with rubies and the 10th slot only with ducats. More information about this can be found in the FAQ section. In the right index part you find information about inhabitants, resources, transport routes and the ship timer.

Like stated above new buildings have been unlocked. You can see what buildings you have unlocked exactly at our Timeline. At 900 vassals you got access to build a fire station, shipyard (1 vassal) and the naval engineer (1 vassal).

The Lighthouse:
The Lighthouse gets its first limelight with the construction of a ship and is capped with a limited amount of ship points each level. Every ship depletes the maximal amount by 1 ship point. At level 1 the light house has 4 ship points and is capped on 4 ships. You get more ship points when you consolidate the lighthouse.

The Ship Construction:
As stated above, when we have 900 vassals we can build a treasure hunter ship. Let me explain how you get to your first treasure hunter ship. Therefore we need a naval engineer, the shipyard and the shop. The naval engineer produces the ship parts we need to construct a ship, the shipyard will build the ship together and we need to hire a treasure hunter from the tavern in the shop. For the beginning we just build small ships. Later on middle and large ships will be needed. Build the naval engineer and the shipyard.

Additional Information: Every ship needs a captain before you can build it. Every captain has a different capability.

Tip: Neither the shipyard nor the naval engineer have upkeep costs, so you can build them already at 1 vassal. The naval engineer doesn't have any use until you reach 900 vassals. The shipyard can produce PvE ships at 1 vassal, BUT we don't recommend it at this early stage to start out on it. Wait until you reach imperials and have a stable income to actively start/play PvE. At 900 vassals the naval engineer can finally produce planks and sail clothes.

It is time to construct your first treasure hunter ship. Manufacture exactly 5 ship plank and 5 sail clothes (look for that at the picture on the right). Every ship, except PvE ships, need 5 ship planks and 5 sail clothes to be constructed. Afterwards or in between buy the inexperienced treasure hunter from the tavern in the shop. You will find the produced planks, sail clothes and the treasure hunter in your inventory. The shipyard will take the parts and captain automatically out of the inventory to build a ship. This also means that the shipyard doesn’t have to be placed on Newport. After the completion the ship can be found in your inventory and you will click it to set it out near the lighthouse.

Additional Information: You can delete ships with the pickaxe like buildings. Ship points will be restored and the ship upkeep costs will logically disappear.

Beware: There will be no refund in any form, when you delete a ship.

Further Goals: 1500 vassals will be your next target, that you can colonise islands. Why you have to colonise new islands? At 1500 vassals they demand linen garments. You will be unable to build hemp plantations on Newport, when you miss the fertility hemp. For this you will need more ships with especially dedicated captains. How to find and colonise new islands, will be explained in our next tutorial part 4 - Discovery and Colonisation.

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