Tutorial part 2 - The Vassals

Ascension: You have gotten this far through:

  • calling 250 pioneers your own.
  • producing fish, milk and woollen garments.
  • satisfying all needs.
  • building attractions.

You still miss your first vassal, but it is the right time for it to get one. They will later on clearly deliver you more money. Once the woollen garments will hit the green mark and go over it, ascension rights will be generated. All pioneer residences which have all their needs fulfilled will get a dancing green arrow over their houses (right picture). Click on a possible ascending pioneer residence and the pioneer menu will open on the right. Directly on the menu on its left, a green arrow can be spotted. Go over it without clicking it and you see how much the ascension of one pioneer to a vassal residence costs (left picture). When you have the requested material and coins, you can upgrade it. You have your first vassal residence now and you can see that 5 people (without attractions) find a place called home in there.

Additional Information: Like you can see on the left picture it requires a lot of wood. Build more lumberjacks to cover the extreme expenditure. Look out that your balance won't suffer under it.

New Buildings: New buildings are unlocked through you getting your first vassal. The new buildings are a medium marketplace, stone roads and a mason's workshop. The mason's workshop can only be built on a stone deposit. The stone deposit is in sector 2 in the radius of the tiny mountains (stone lore). Build your first mason's workshop there and connect it with the harbourmaster's office or a near distribution house. You will need a lot of stones when you proceed further.

The medium marketplace won't detach the small marketplace. It has a greater radius than the small one, but costs a lot more upkeep.
Through that difference in the radius, you can optimize your town shape. You can build stone roads by now. Use them only when you see the need that your carts need to collect the goods faster.

Additional Information:
A distribution house near a production building is more efficient than a mile-long stone road. The production of stones is slow. You will need many more stones when you reach 100 vassals for bread production chains. When you expand your village look out for that your supply will be steady. On demand build more productions. Our consumption calculator will help you with the assessment of demand.

Further Gameplay: In the meantime you should have found out what the main principle of Anno Online is. Exact, to build residences and let them ascend and cover up their needs with production buildings and production chains. The more residences you have the more will your balance rise, but only when you satisfy your people needs. The greater your village gets, the more city level specific buildings will be unlocked.

A population of 100 vassals enables you to build wheat farms, mills and bakeries to provide your people with bread. You want to know how many buildings you need for a bread chain, no problem, just look at our Production Chains site. The next step will be that you upgrade your warehouse to level 2 to get a capacity of 400t goods to store in. Furthermore you can explore sector 3 now. You also need more pioneer residences to get more vassal rights and with that more vassal residences.

Additional Information: Only 50% of your pioneers can ascend. When you want to reach 300 vassals you will need a minimum of 20 vassal residences. For the ascension rights to 300 vassals you need at least 40 pioneer residences to get later on 20 pioneer and 20 vassal residences. Every 10 pioneer residences create 5 more vassal ascension rights (ratio 10:5).

Tip: Explore as fast as you can sector 3. You will get a huge place to build your future city there and a second stone deposit.

When you reach 300 vassals you will have more specific city level buildings unlocked, like the provision house and the treasury. The provision house produces buffs that you will need later on. The treasury will expand your maximal account balance at level 1 to 150k coins ("k" is an indicator for the number 1000. 150k = 150.000). The higher your city level gets the further you can upgrade your treasury to get a higher maximal coin capacity.

Tip: Expand as fast as you can the treasury, because a good balance will fill up the treasury over night and it would be a waste to let it run full. Besides the new building costs will up and up.

The Next Goal: The next target is to achieve 900 vassals. Therefore you will need many more pioneer residences to get more vassals, as well the attraction the tavern at 300 vassals that you satisfy their need to move in. At 900 vassals you will be able to explore sector 4 and you will desperately need it since you will get a shortage of space. Take again a look at our Timeline what buildings you can unlock with each city level. Also a new era will arise with 900 vassals. You will be able to build for the first time a treasure hunt ship. At 1500 vassals you will find new islands and you will be able to colonise. For this you will have to read further into tutorial part 3 and 4.

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