On the so-called PvE (Player versus Environment) you prevail against bloodthirsty pirates – the adventure starts off with a short tutorial, when your island harbours 120 pioneers.

The participation to fight is optional and not stringently required.

Briggs, caravels, galleys: 3 ships with different attributes

Rock-paper-scissors. Plain and simple!

For each fight you can use 3 different war ship types with different attributes, which uses the rock-paper-scissors principle: brig (Stone), caravel (scissor) and galley (paper). Each ship is therefore strong or weak against a different ship type, which is why these types react effectively different to each other. A ship possesses 60 hit points, does it drop to 0, the ship sinks. Every ship can shoot into two directions: left and right. The inflicted damage won't be divided, so both sides get the highest possible damage.

For each warship you set up at your lighthouse, it costs you 1 ship point.

The combat, so it is structured

The combat is turn based. There are 4 different combat types:

  • Your own ship is stronger as the pirate ship. (Advantage)
    As example, when you fight with your brig against a caravel, the caravel loses 30 hit points and you only 10 points.
  • Two ships of the same type fight against each other.
    As example, when a brig fights against a brig, both ships take 20 damage.
  • Your own ship is weaker as the pirate ship. (Disadvantage)
    As example, when you fight with a brig against a galley, the galley just takes 10 damage points, instead you lose 30 hit points.
  • Distant shot.
    No direct contact between the ships is present, so every ship hit by a distance shot will lose 10 hit points.
Advantage Balanced Disadvantage Distant shot

For each defeated enemy ship you gain as a reward 2000 coins and 20 experience points, as well you gain a point in the ladder. (ranking list)

Combat position, so you get started

Mixed arrays of pirate shops let the fight not go in your favour.

The starting position of your ships is always on the top-left side. Directly right of this you see the first combat line, which is defined by red buoys. These are the pirate ships positions and to start a combat there, you click your ships and send them to the available predefined slots. It's important to note in which order you should send them there. When a green arrow comes up your ship has the advantage, does a red arrow come up you should change the ship or retreat, otherwise you get too much damage. Your aim should be to get as many green arrows and as few as possible red arrows. Move all ships into position and use the "attack" command.

Tutorial instruction

At the very beginning of the tutorial you get a fleet of 3 different war ships. Afterwards you receive a quest, on which you send a scout for 10k coins to look out for pirates. The search for combat islands takes "x" minutes, you can also reduce the waiting time to 0 by spending rubies. After the latency time is over, you can visit on of the different combat islands. From this point onwards a timer ticks down. Every combat quest has a timer applied. In most cases in the first mission you have a combat island with 1-3 pirate ships. Winning a fight against the pirates rewards you with "x" wood. This quest can be repeated as often as you don't have your first warship.

The adventure goes on, part 2 tutorial starts

Having 1 vassal starts a quest chain, containing explanations about the construction of warships. Complete the "build a brig" quest by applying your brig near the lighthouse and your receive as a reward a galley and a caravel. Both ships are also located at the lighthouse. Once the 3 warships are at the lighthouse, you get 2 different quests, containing an easy patrol quest and a medium hard quest, the escort quest. The easy one is more like the tutorial quest with 1 combat line and the medium one is harder due to its 3 combat lines. Additionally you lose your ships now and you only get them back with spending rubies, so build a few warships as a reserve. Success rewards are now cannonballs, these are used in the naval engineer to produce additional combat items.

Tutorial part 2: How to send your warships out to fight

For all combat islands you can send out 3 warships and 3 equipment buffs (up to 6 with spending rubies for the other 3 equipment slots); therefore a window opens. There you see downright the amount of all pirate ships you engage on the combat island.

Additional information: Even the pirates use buffs. You see them above the pirate ships in form of an icon. Furthermore you should calculate not to use more buffs as the reward will be.

How to repair your ships

When a ship repair takes too long,
how about a new ship?

The first thing you need is an empty place on a pier. There you place a repair crane. Damaged ships can be with the aid of the repair crane get fit to sail again. You click on the repair crane, select the ship you want to repair and you see the repair costs.

How to use buffs in combat. These types are available:

  • Simple repair kit – restores immediately 25 hit points
  • Chain-shot – causes 100% extra damage for one round.
  • Smoke screen – reduces the damage taken by 50% for one round.

These buffs can be produced in the naval engineer for cannonballs and coins.

Chain-shots and smoke screens are combat only items. The simple repair kit is used in combat and out of combat situations, when you don't want to use your repair crane for it.

Buffs and cannonballs are also found through picking up flotsam. Those are found in escort and ringleader combat quests. Furthermore through dismantling pirate ships.

Capture and dismantle

Capture a pirate ship and you expand your fleet, having more than 3 ships.

Going through the tutorial and produced and applied each buff one time, you have the option to capture or dismantle a pirate ship. Capturing a pirate ship expands your fleet with the same warship that has 30/60 hit points. Completing the combat quest ends the capture of the ship. On the contrary when it sinks directly and you can't revive it.

Dismantle a pirate ship and you either receive cannonballs or a simple repair kit.

The ringleader quest: A hard one

Ringleader always come up as a pair and are a bit stronger as the normal warships.

After finishing the capture and dismantle tutorial quest, you get a hard ringleader quest. There will be many combat lines and a lot of pirate ships, up to 3 in a line. However you don't have to sink all pirate ships, always look for the easiest way to the ringleaders, these are the quest final and only aims. Beware of the ringleaders though, you shouldn't underestimate that they have more hit points and make more damage per attack round. Also look out to receive as less damage as possible. As reward for defeating the ringleaders you receive 2 bronze ducats. Those can be spend on the shop category "Black market" for items, ship rights, constructors and even an island slot.

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