The Monuments
The update from the 21st of January 2014 introduced the monuments in Anno Online. What are monuments? Monuments are great structures with powerful effects that need a long time to construct. The construction of a monument will undertake several construction phases and it is possible to ask a friend for help to build it.

The first monument gets unlocked at 500 merchants. You will need a lot of resources and money to construct a monument and are more suitable for endgame player. The monuments will also take a lot of time and their upkeep is something you shouldn’t underestimate. Your income should be really high that you can afford a monument without getting into balance trouble.

Currently these monuments are available:
  • The Library – produces knowledge points
  • The Botanical Garden – provides a second fertility to an island
  • The Imperial Cathedral – increases the maximal number of inhabitants per residence in the radius
  • The Amphitheatre – increases the maximal number of inhabitants per residence in the radius
  • The Castle – increases the maximal number of inhabitants per residence in the radius

The knowledge points

You can collect knowledge points with the activation of the monument quest chain for the library. Knowledge points are the source of unlocking every other monument. They will be needed for:

  • ending a construction phase of a monument.
  • to unlock certain buildings in the tech tree of the library.
  • unlocking special extended monument modifiers.

Knowledge points can be gained through:
  • the small and large monument ruin on Newport.
  • monument constructors that you can apply on a friend’s monument to help them constructing their monument faster.
  • knowledge points generation in the library.
  • completing quests.
  • buying knowledge points packages in the shop.

You can accumulate knowledge points. Collected points can be viewed on the top menu bar with the graduation cap icon.

Miscellaneous to the construction of monuments

The construction materials

The construction of a monument consumes a lot of time, goods and resources. These should be sufficiently in place. The materials will be added step by step into the construction plan of the monument. These can be added at all times. When one material is missing, the construction stops until the missing one will be delivered.

Besides the construction materials there are construction parts. The construction parts need to be collected and added to the construction plan of the particular construction phase. The construction parts can be found from treasure hunters, monument ruins on Newport and through quests. Through these you can build more extensions for the monuments. Watch out for instructions from the quests!

Furthermore you need knowledge points to finish a construction phase.

After you fulfilled all these 3 points, you finished a construction phase or a monument.

The monument constructor

You receive your monument constructor in the first part of building the library after completing the quest “Stone foundation“. The monument constructor has the following benefits:
- You can support your friends with their monument construction. In this time the construction time will be reduced by 10% per constructor.
- In the time your constructor helps out in a friend’s monument he acquires more knowledge and brings you back each time 575 knowledge points.

You set your constructor into the construction plan of a monument of a friend. In order to do this visit your friend’s island and select the monument. The construction plan opens and you can see the tab with the constructor slots. When places are free, set your constructor in. Otherwise wait or search in your friend list, who has a free slot at the moment.

The monument constructor returns after 23 hours. You get a notification from the Harbourmaster that he has returned. The mail includes the constructor and the 575 knowledge points. Click the tick and the monument constructor is once more in your inventory and the knowledge points will be credited directly into the knowledge point tab. You can use the monument constructor anew on a monument.

It’s possible to gain 2 more monument constructors for 5950 rubies in the shop, but it’s not possible to set more than 1 constructor per friend / monument at a time. Look out for having more friends with construction sites to give all monument constructors a labour.

The tech tree

The tech tree is available, when the library is finished. You are able to research and unlock different monuments by using knowledge points. After unlocking a monument, you can buy the monument foundation in the shop for coins. New monuments will be added to the game in time.

The very beginning of the monuments

By reaching 500 merchants Gunthar Wolf will visit Newport on his ship and asks you to visit him there. This will trigger a complete and long quest chain that helps you to build your first monument. At the beginning of this quest chain you have to explore the little monument ruin in sector 2 of Newport.

Select the monument ruin and it will give you knowledge points every 4 hours. Every exploration costs 30k coins and rewards you with 10 knowledge points. Afterwards the quest wants you to explore it until you have gained 30 knowledge points to receive your first monument foundation – the foundation of the library. The reward will go into the inventory by completing this quest and from there you can build the foundation on your island. Afterwards you can explore the ruin infinitely further for more knowledge points.

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