object(stdClass)#665 (5) {
  string(10) "EasterEggs"
  string(3) "495"
  string(9) "Ostereier"
  string(4) "2014"
  string(37) "images/items/ui_images/easter_egg.png"
	object(stdClass)#707 (5) {
  string(10) "GoldenEggs"
  string(2) "49"
  string(14) "Frühlingseier"
  string(4) "2013"
  string(52) "images/ao_events/ostern2015/icon_egg_02_currency.png"


We have applied a database about all items you can acquire in this game (Through chests, treasure hunter, daily login bonus, events) and for impatient ones, who don't want to test their luck, all items that you can buy in the shop for rubies.
Through acquiring an item you can either significantly improve your island situation or buy a new ship to improve and advance your fleet. Some items can be made in the provision house, like parts for the monuments, or items to decorate and embellish your islands. Consider well for which items you want to spend your valuable rubies. In this overview you can see which items are really worth buying and where you should better wait until you can make them yourself or find them.
Some items (Scout's hideout, annoversary tower) that are shown here, aren't available anymore. These are exclusive items that were achievable in previous actions and events.

Event items
Goods pioneers
Goods vassals
Goods merchants
Goods imperials

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