The bow of your vessel is sliding through the rough sea. The cold wind blows into your face, bloating the rig and you shiver, as the spindrift covers your skin like an icy coat. Suddenly your hear the Jack aloft: “Land!!! Land ahoy!!!” It was like a leap into the dark, when you left home in search of a better life, honour and fortune. Driven by boundless energy you sallied forth - to discover a new world. And finally... finally you arrived... you arrived at Anno Online

Welcome to our fan page of Anno Online. In November 2012 Sir Ultrafine and Honny1990 started this fan project. With the help of many other players we have been able to present this comprehensive site.

Anno Online brings you back to the medieval. Being the sovereign of an island it is yours to develop your village with a couple of cottages to become a thriving emporium, a pearl of the southern seas. Satisfy your habitant's needs by developing your economy. Colonise new islands, trade with other players, become an acclaimed master-builder and ruler.

Are you up to it? Can you cope with that? Our site will help you. Enjoy foraging here for hints and the latest news.


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Gamescom 2013 - News to Anno Online

The Gamescom 2013 has ended! Your Ultrafine Team was there and has looked out for new information from BlueByte for Anno Online! What can you expect from Anno in the near future? Here a small overview over the next changes:

The Visit-Friends Feature

BlueByte wants to implement the visit-friends feature in the end of September / early October on the live server! At the moment the feature is activated again on the test server to give it the final touch!

For those who haven't heard of it yet: This game element will enable you to visit other player's islands that are in your friend list! You will be able to look at your friends how they are constructing their islands and setting up new production chains in live mode! Buffs will also get a new purpose since you can buff your friend's buildings, as well the duration of the buff will be longer than on your own island!

The Monuments

Monuments will be special buildings. The construction of these will be split into more building phases and will take a lot more resources. As a little special, every building phase has its own graphic and will take time to construct.

What could we find out in these premises? There won't only be the new Imperial Cathedral, but also monuments to the satisfaction needs: Services, Faith and Entertainment.The Imperial Cathedral will satisfy Faith and the Theatre will satisfy Entertainment. Which monuments will come with certainty is still unknown. However we can say for sure that they won't only satisfy a need, but will get an extra feature to make it worthwhile!

A different monument will be the Hanging Gardens. With this monument you will be able to gain a second fertility for one of your islands! Let's say you have a herb island and with this monument you can gain a second fertility let's say wheat, so you will have a herb/wheat island! Still unsure is if the second fertility is going to be set for the whole island or will have a certain radius around the monument!

With no further problems in development, BlueByte calculates to get the whole monument system ready until the end of the year!


We also found out that there will be a new building, the library. In this building you will be granted wisdom points, but we haven't gotten further details how this system will look like! We know that the wisdom points will be used to unlock the monuments. Therefore we think that the library will come with the other monuments at the end of the year!

Guild features

We couldn't get more vital information from BlueByte for now. With the main priority set on the visit-friends feature and the monuments we can expect that the new planned features for the guild system will come after this - beginning of 2014!

Adventure Islands

With the current event, the island Bonanza Creek and the implement of the visit-friends feature, a great step into the future of Anno Online will be done. Not only to expand the guild feature, but also to make many more funny adventure islands with new contents. Through the current island Bonanza Creek BlueByte could test how stable the server is and what other possibilities lie ahead of them! Still other features have a higher priority and we hope to see another island again in the next upcoming event!

Like you have read by now, there will be much more exciting content until the year ends and we hope that there will be no further problems with developing. As well we hope that the time schedule of BlueByte will be able to adhere to their aspiration. Don't be disappointed when one of the features can't make it this year. There are many hints but nothing specific by which it is furthermore exciting to see how Anno Online develops into the future. We stay tuned, hope that this short insight appealed to you and looking forward to the fabulous things that will come in the near future.

Your Ultrafine Team

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